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  • What Carly Says (WCS) – on the cusp of launching a non-profit organization app that aids all other non-profit foundations, addressing all know causes, health, and environmental issues known to man. I’ve developed a unique business model that brings together all persons on the planet, through regular, everyday, ordinary habits, and produces funds specifically and directly into the accounts of all organizations to use in forwarding their cause efforts. All illnesses, all diseases, all inflictions, all cancers, all advances in artificial limbs, all environmental issues, all hunger, all scientific research, all animals, all natural disasters, all catastrophes, all causes of all kinds will benefit from our non-profit, What Carly Says (WCS).

What CARLY Says about You...

Care is present
Action is taken
Results are produced
Love is shown
You make the difference

  •      We hope that our app facilitates tremendous change for all causes of all kinds, and believe whole-heartedly this will be the case. We have a soft spot for our future leaders, our future movers and shakers, our future society, our children... through our teachers and schools. We believe our app will liberate them to be able to perform their tasks in a way they've always wished that they could before. You'd almost have to live under a rock to not have heard the pleas from teachers for the past decade, or even two, for their need of additional funds for supplies. It is our future people's development, enrichment, education, culture, and social graces that we have, for one reason or another, not supplied with reasonable, and even in some cases adequate supplies to function, or providing the ability to reach excellence when those are extending their arms reaching for it. We all want better. Together we believe we can actually make the difference we've always wanted and needed.  
  •      Further, we also champion our own personal efforts toward specific causes. We plan to address the quite alarming issues of homelessness, not infringing upon the tremendous efforts that so many others are already in place and so valiantly addressing, but rather head-on by addressing the root cause of a majority of cases in California, and that is through affordable housing. A keen eye can easily assess the absolute lack of affordable housing. This has become a humanitarian crisis throughout our country, but is alarmingly evident on the west coast. It is simply a lack of supply. We want to see families united and whole, thriving, not suffering without adequate shelter. A place to lay their heads. A place for children to experience peace and a normal childhood. Try it now! 
  •      Additionally, we recognize what we believe to be a very similar instance occurring with our water. Similar in that it slowly creeps in unnoticed, and continues until there is potential for catastrophe to occur unless firm and decisive action is not taken fairly quickly. Early in developing societal means and methods to provide drinking water safe from bacteria (most predominantly sewage contamination), methods of treatment were established. However as science has developed, influencing society and industry, our water may be mostly kept within a safe level of bacteria, but it has never addressed any other contamination that may occur. This includes any possible drugs, chemicals, viruses, large, or microscopic waste and/or contaminates. While attempting to address such questions, one can see the increase in the cost of clean water increasing. It does appear necessary to explore the best potential solutions before we find ourselves in some type of crisis. Try it now! 
  •      As we’ve previously mentioned we stand behind everyone’s right to support any universally accepted causes. As of late we have noticed alarming statistics reported regarding our youth’s self inflicted loss of life. Statistics show a 75 percent increase of those between the ages of 10-14 years of age. We haven’t done any research of our own to support our immediate thoughts on this matter, but it almost seems a no-brainer that this dramatic increase is due to the ability of technology that has allow a massive increase in bullying, or cyber-bullying to occur. This is horrifying to imagine that someone being a jerk, with no repercussions, could end your child’s life for a laugh, or to feel big about themselves. Folks… parenting evolves along with technology (or should). We don’t immediately have all the answers, but together we can, should, and will find them. Try it now! 
  •      We love art, science, history, sports, dance, music, nature, animals, people, culture, humanity, film, entertainment, and everything else too. Always do your best. We will. We are right there with you too. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again….
  • YOU make the difference. Now go get your CARLY On! Try it now! 


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The CARLY app will soon be available for all android applications to use and further any cause dear to you!

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The CARLY app will, of course, also be available to all those apple user to promote and further any cause dear to you! 

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